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With Self Storage, you transport your belongings to a storage facility. Your belongings are stored in a secure unit in this facility, and they stay there until you no longer need to store them. With Mobile Storage, a storage unit is delivered to your property. You load it up, and it can either stay on your property, be moved to the storage facility, or be moved to another address.

If your Mobile Unit is being transported back to the All Vic Storage Solutions facility, it needs to weigh less than four tonnes. If you’re keeping your Mobile Unit on your property without moving it, you can store anything that fits inside it. If your Mobile Unit will need to be transferred after you’ve packed it, it needs to be light enough to be transported on the truck.

Yes! If you’ve ordered a Mobile Unit to your address, we can move it to another address once you’ve packed it. Visit our Moving and Storing page to learn more.

Our storage containers are designed to maximise convenience for our customers. Because of this, we offer 10, 13, 20, and 40-foot containers, as well as open top containers, containers with refrigeration, and containers with insulation. If you’re not sure what size container you need, use our Space Calculator. If you need more information, contact our team of friendly staff.

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