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Like Self Storage, Mobile Storage gives customers a secure space to store the things they don’t have room for in their home or business. Instead of taking your belongings to a Self Storage facility, a Mobile Unit is delivered to your home or business. Once you’ve filled it up yourself, there are a variety of storage options available to you.

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If you’re storing large furniture, the cost of using removalists to transport your belongings from your home or business to your storage facility can quickly add up. With Mobile Storage, you can save the money you’d normally spend on trips between your home and storage unit.


Our Mobile Units come equipped with tie rails, moving pads, and ropes to make sure your belongings are kept safe and secure on the journey from your home or business to our storage facility.


When you’re first moving into your storage unit, trying to fit everything into your car can be stressful. With Mobile Storage, you don’t need to worry about transporting anything, because we do it all for you.

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